Welcome to the Northwest Justice Forum!

The NWJF Planning Committee needs your voice! 

The Northwest Justice Forum has been going strong for 15 years! Thank you to you, the restorative justice community, for making it a success! We, the NWJF Planning Committee, are proud to create this opportunity for regional practitioners to gather each year. We look forward to many more Forums in the years to come. 

The Planning Committee is about to embrace a new opportunity -- reflecting on and (re)envisioning the Forum through a strategic planning process. This process will run through 2020 and, in order to devote our full attention to it, we will not be planning a 2020 Forum. We are looking forward to this time of reflection and the 2021 Forum, whatever shape it may take. 

We seek your involvement in this strategic planning process and offer you several ways to do that:

Take the (Re)envisioning Survey

The Planning Committee wants to hear from you about what you like about the Forum, ideas you have for changes, and any questions or issues you want the committee to consider throughout the (re)envisioning process. Please take a few minutes to complete the (re)envisioning survey so your voice can help guide this important process. 

Join the NWJF Planning Committee

Now is a great time to join the planning committee, especially if you are interested in shaping its future. We especially encourage practitioners of color to join. You have two options for joining -- a full three-year term or a one-year strategic planning term. We currently meet monthly in Portland and via Zoom for those who can not attend in-person meetings. Start by filling out an application here

Consider hosting the NWJF in 2021

We look forward for NWJF 2021, even though we do not know what our envisioning process will reveal in terms of its format. Please consider applying to host the 2021 Forum. More details about hosting the 2021 Forum specifically will be available toward the end of the strategic planning process in the spring of 2020. 

For more information about any of these opportunities, contact nwjfinfo@gmail.com


The NW Justice Forum fosters the gathering of individuals committed to, or interested in learning about, the principles and values of restorative justice.  We gather to increase understanding, share practical application, ensure cultural inclusion, and explore theoretical implications of living and working restoratively in the Northwest.