NWJF Steering Committee

In order to both sustain and grow the NW Justice Forum as a relevant and effective event for the implementation and growth of Restorative Justice values and practice in the Pacific Northwest, it is important to create and sustain a committed and active working group to plan the annual forums.  This page is for prospective members to learn more about the Steering Committee prior to completing the application.  

If you decide to apply, the link for the application is at the bottom of the information provided below.

Steering Committee Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used by the existing Steering Committee to select new members.

  • To enhance efficiency and effectiveness, the maximum size of the Steering Committee will be 14 members.
  • Each member shall have demonstrated a commitment to and grounding in Restorative Justice values and practice.
  • A priority in selecting members for the Steering Committee shall be to have the greatest possible diversity in: geographic location in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. (Ideally no more than two people from any agency/organization); community size is an important factor - ideally the Planning Group will have representatives from communities/counties of varying size and demographics; ethnicity/race/culture are additional important factors in creating a diverse group that can be aware of issues/topics/practices that are important to highlight at a Forum; and, stakeholders who bring diverse insight, experience, perspectives and needs are also of importance. While the Forum cannot effectively focus on the great breadth work that Restorative Justice principles are relevant to, the Forum does seek to be a valuable venue to stakeholders who have a significant focus of working with youth and those impacted by youth – juvenile justice, schools, law enforcement, crime victims/advocates, social services, social justice agencies/groups, community activists.

Steering Committee Commitments

  • I commit to make planning committee meetings a priority and will schedule accordingly- Meetings happen approximately once a month, sometimes twice a month during the busiest times for 1 to 2 hours. The committee values geographic diversity, therefore phone conferencing is perfectly acceptable. However, for members within the Portland/Vancouver Metro area, the commitment is to meet in person the vast majority of the time. Group cohesion is improved upon when members are present in the room.
  • I commit to enthusiastic participation in the business of the Steering Committee - Tasks required of committee members can often be time consuming over the course of the planning cycle. No single task expected of a planning committee member should become a distraction from the member’s home agency, but planning and commitment is required in order to make meaningful contributions to the successful forum production.
  • I commit to being present and active at the Forum in carrying out the needed tasks for the successful implementation of the Forum.
  • I commit to review the Steering Committee meeting agendas, minutes, and other documents when needed, and provide expedient feedback to the authors and group when requested.
  • I commit to thinking creatively about how the Steering Committee can help advance, teach, and implement, the values and principles of Restorative Justice.

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