Pre-Forum and Keynote Speaker Bios

  • Mandy Davis, Pre-Forum Trainer

    Dr. Davis is an Associate Professor of Practice at Portland State University’s School of Social Work and a licensed clinical social worker. She is Director of Trauma Informed Oregon, a program primarily funded by the Oregon Health Authority, to advance trauma informed care throughout organizations and systems through training, consultation, and implementation resources. Dr. Davis teaches and lectures on implementing trauma informed care and trauma specific services. Her current interests include measuring change when organizations and systems implement the principles of trauma informed care, the impact of toxic stress on the workforce, intersectionality between equity work, and the impact of systemic oppression.

  • Judah Oudshoorn, Keynote Speaker

    Judah Oudshoorn is a Professor in Community & Criminal Justice at Conestoga College, in Kitchener, Canada. He has many years of experience as a restorative justice mediator and trainer. His work centres on making justice systems more trauma informed and working toward ending male violence. Judah is the author of Trauma-Informed Juvenile Justice in the United States, Trauma-Informed Youth Justice in Canada, and The Little Book of Restorative Justice for Sexual Abuse. Significantly, Judah likes hot coffee, cold beer, warm sunshine, and comfortable chairs, but most importantly, he is a proud dad and husband, and likes kindness (a lot). 

  • Noah Schultz, Plenary Speaker

    Noah Schultz is a social innovator, public speaker poet/teacher who is

    passionate about bringing services to underprivileged youth. He has a

    personal connection and motivation to help drive change in the

    current affairs of juvenile justice. He has co-founded and coinstructed

    multiple community workshops within the youth

    correctional facility settings.